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Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

TC the Cat’s comment on my last blog post deserves a longer reply, so here goes.

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Can a Joke Truly Be Funny if It Is Not Offensive?

In Patrick Rothfuss’ much, much better second book The Wise Man’s Fear, his protagonist is drugged in such a way that all of his social inhibitions and groundings are entirely lifted; any and every action becomes suddenly permissible and attractive, … Continue reading

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One of my favorite books is Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, a biographical account of his absolute, all-consuming obsession with Arsenal, the English Premier League club. It’s one of the better insights into what it truly means to be a nerd … Continue reading

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I’m a nerd. Always have been, and thus far it appears I always will be, but perhaps not for the reasons one normally holds forth. My sister believes that what really defines nerddom is not what you are interested in, … Continue reading

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Internet Empathy

David Brooks’ most recent blog post expands upon the decline in what I’m going to call testable empathy in this generation as compared to those previous. There is a degree of slippage in exactly which generation he’s referring to, as … Continue reading

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