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Paper Tigers and Model Minorities The above link is a response, of sorts, to the Amy Chua “controversy” that seemed to galvanize proponents of Western culture everywhere a couple months ago. ¬†For those who were not in the know (or choose not to remember), … Continue reading

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Questions for which I don’t have answers

Is a regular consumer of contemporary news, blogs, and political media more likely to feel optimistically or pessimistically about the world and its inhabitants? Sub-question: Is the news media’s (somewhat understandable) insistence on those stories which are divisive or outrageous … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality

You start to see stories like this more often these days. The impersonality of the Internet is most commonly reviewed when it appears in the form of invective and vitriol spewed by safely anonymous commenters, but this is the kind … Continue reading

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As always, what follows is an attempt to make logical sense of something I rather strongly suspect is fundamentally illogical (not necessarily in a bad way). I had an interesting conversation a couple nights ago that put a number of … Continue reading

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New Gods

The extended interview of Mike Huckabee on the Daily Show last night has a great deal to unpack, which I’d like to do eventually in its entirety, but my initial question is one I’ve held for some time: So why … Continue reading

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Another Thought…

Is a politician telling me “This is what America IS” really any different from a beer commercial telling me “This is what a man IS”? I’ve never identified with either the brand of masculinity portrayed in beer commercials or the … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

The concept has been prevalent across the mediasphere following President Obama’s recent speech justifying military action in Libya, in which Mr. Obama’s acceptance of a kind of American Exceptionalism was made abundantly clear. It’s a worldview I’ve taken issue with … Continue reading

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Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

TC the Cat’s comment on my last blog post deserves a longer reply, so here goes.

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Can a Joke Truly Be Funny if It Is Not Offensive?

In Patrick Rothfuss’ much, much better second book The Wise Man’s Fear, his protagonist is drugged in such a way that all of his social inhibitions and groundings are entirely lifted; any and every action becomes suddenly permissible and attractive, … Continue reading

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One of my favorite books is Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, a biographical account of his absolute, all-consuming obsession with Arsenal, the English Premier League club. It’s one of the better insights into what it truly means to be a nerd … Continue reading

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