Know Your Audience

Law students are apparently not exactly the most street-savvy of people:

During a party attended by members of the rival Crips and Bloods gangs, Garcia, one of the Bloods, began “talking smack” to (deliberately insulting) Crips members who were present

United States v. Garcia (9th Cir. 1998)

The people who need that kind of explanation are the people like my Property professor, who steadfastedly claims to be completely mystified by “young people.” He’s in his 60’s; that’s not that much older than me. I rather think that he’s mystified because he chooses to be, and probably was equally mystified by his law school contemporaries at the time. This edition of my Criminal Law casebook was published in 2007; is there anyone who still can’t at least figure out what “talking smack” means by context alone?

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2 Responses to Know Your Audience

  1. Zabie says:

    Michael. You are 30 years old. That is significantly younger than 60. nice try.

  2. The point being that it’s not so much younger that 25-30 year olds should be perceived as some kind of alien race.

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