Yes, I know this will make me look even more like a huge dork.

Yes, I know there are privacy and security concerns with giving Google this much information for this much of the day, everyday.

Yes, I know there’s an excellent argument to be made about constructing these artificial barriers between yourself and the rest of the world, and the more removed and layered we make our apprehension of day to day existence, the less relevant and real that existence becomes, and truly “being” present in the world and in the moment is nigh-impossible to do when you’re looking at it through a screen.

Yes, I know that this has just as much, if not more, of a chance of keeping me increasingly isolated from the world and my friends and family, instead of the idyllic hyper-connection the video purports.

Yes, I know all of these things.

But damn it, I still want these sooooooooooo bad:

Google Glass.

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