What a wonderful concept. Maintaining job security at the expense of actual investment in your job (and, by extension, your students/subject)? Yes, please. Let’s utilize a system that encourages faculty no longer remotely interested in teaching around because they know they’ll get paid no matter how much they shirk their responsibilities.

That makes this line from a case even funnier. The scene is set at Odessa Junior College, and a professor faced with a lack of contract renewal has sued for a Procedural Due Process violation in face of what he calls Odessa’s “de facto tenure program,” which states:

The college had stated in a faculty guide that, despite the lack of an actual tenure system, it “wishes each faculty member to feel that he has permanent tenure so long as his teaching services are satisfactory and as long as he displays a cooperative attitude.”

So it’s tenure, but without tenure, and… no. No, it’s not tenure, it’s at-will employment, but it sounds and feels like tenure. It’s all about the feeling, man! You gotta feel the tenure wrapping around you and it’s like… it’s like… it’s like the universe just giving you a great big hug,  man!

This was a suit brought in the 70’s, by the way.

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