One fun thing about law school is the sense of perspective it gives.

Not in the “the trivial doesn’t bother me because I have seen what really matters” sense, but the familiarity you feel when reading the news. Legal issues, cases, doctrines, processes; the names in stories about, say, the Affordable Care Act (I wonder why I chose that flashpoint. It’s not like it’s relevant now. Hm. /sarcasm) all of a sudden have relevance. Wickard, Raich; the precedent the Supreme Court is deciding to abide by or overturn are actually cases I’ve  read. The Stand Your Ground doctrine at issue in the Trayvon Martin killing: I’ve read the legislative history and the policy concerns behind it.

There’s a whole class of articles and news that is much, much more interesting and comprehensible suddenly. An entirely new discipline to learn. It’s fun.

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