Judgment Day Cometh

Brief due tomorrow, so an even briefer than usual post tonight.

The information regarding applications for journals next year is beginning to come out, and I wish it wasn’t. Exams are roughly a month away (too soon! And there’s too much to do in the interim in addition to frantic study!), and so the stress of the competition for Law Review is a completely unneeded and unwanted distraction.

Essentially, once the last day of finals is over, I’ll receive a packet from the Michigan Law Review that provides me with 200 pages of reading that must be synthesized into a coherent, insightful, and (here’s the kicker) Bluebook-cite-perfect persuasive argument in roughly a week. All of 40 people are admitted to Law Review each year, and judging from the attendance at a journal panel today at lunchtime, roughly 3/4 of the 1L class (maybe 270 competitors?) will be trying for it. That’s a lot of pressure, especially for someone like myself who can’t rely on his grades to get him through.

The other two journals I would be interested should I prove my mediocrity once again and fail to get on law review are the Journal of Law Reform and the Telecommunications and Technology Law Review. Neither have the prestige of Michigan Law Review, of course, but both are likely as well to be extremely competitive. And the prize for all this post-exam stress? A chance to spend 25-40 hours a week outside of classes and study time editing articles (Michigan Law Review publishes 8 times a year. That’s an astonishing amount of productivity, and probably a lot of late, late nights in the library stacks for associate editors).

Oh joy.

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