Well, it’s starting. We had our first informational meeting on the On Campus Interview process next semester, and it’s already terrifying. The sheer pressure that builds up in a room of law students listening to the procedures and prerequisites necessary to ensure the first step of their careers is overwhelming. You can feel the competition amping up, building and building and ready to crash over you. And the entire process won’t really begin until after exams, a month and a half away!

I’m worried. Really worried. Worried about my grades, worried about my resume, worried about getting everything in on time, worried about stepping into a room with a lawyer who is likely to make a decision about whether or not I’m good enough for his/her firm in the first 3 minutes. And then doing it again, and again, and again. I’m worried about finding the right fit for me. I’m worried about what it means for my future if I don’t. I’m worried about applying to IP firms without a hard science background, I’m worried about my grades, I’m worried…

I’m worried about exams.

I’m worried about Her.

I’m worried about the Niners missing out on Peyton Manning and going into next year with Alex Smith back at the helm and a much tougher schedule.

It’s sometimes hard to breathe, with all the worry floating around my room.

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