Let’s See If I Can’t Do This Again

I have roughly a month left of my first year of law school.

It’s been glorious in Ann Arbor recently. Aside from a day last week during which we had hail, massive thunderstorms, and three tornados touching down in the area (all within roughly 2 hours), the weather has been 70-75 and sunny. It’s painfully, painfully difficult to focus on reading while the world is bright and beautiful outside.

But the work doesn’t end, and the readings and briefs and research projects and outlines keep piling up, with less and less time to get them all done. The grind continues.

And yet I’m not unhappy. As difficult as this year has sometimes been, I know this was still the right choice. I worry at times that I’m good at the one thing in law school that doesn’t affect your grade (cold calls) and mediocre at best at everything else, but I still find the law engaging. It can be dull at times, and fascinating at others, but it’s something that is almost always intellectually complex, and thereby stimulating.

Michigan has been the right choice as well. I’ve mentioned this before, but the calibre of the average student here is much, much higher than any other academic environment I’ve ever been a part of. I myself fall well into the middle of the pack, but it’s supremely rewarding to be surrounded by people smarter, more hard-working, and more motivated than I am. I have a tendency to become demoralized by comparing myself to others, and that hasn’t changed here, but every single Michigan Law student I’ve met has been personable and friendly and collegial; it’s a good environment to be working in.

So I’ll muddle through, and probably disappoint myself in the end by failing to get the grades I want, or make it onto Law Review, or get the offer from the firm I’m excited for next semester. Even with all of that ahead of me, though, I don’t regret this. I know I’m doing what I should be.

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