Can’t talk, playing Skyrim.

One of the things I miss about WoW (one of the few things) is how well it did at getting me out of my own head. Even at the end, when I was bored with the game, it seemed like I could always put on a podcast, go grind something, and completely forget about everything else going on in my life at the moment. It could be both supremely unproductive and completely useful at the same time.

I have a tendency to get lost in my own thoughts, and when I do, they usually cycle down and down to the worst possible conclusion I could come up with at the time. WoW was a great means of avoiding all of that. And it’s something I haven’t had in the year that I’ve quit. I often find myself unable to break myself out of my mental cycles now, made all the worse by the knowledge that there is still work that could (and should) be done instead.

So I’ve tried to take time to play games again. It’s not healthy for me to devote everything to work; I need time to myself. Skyrim isn’t as good at it as WoW was, but it’s a start. Hopefully it helps.

“I am the thane of Whiterun!”

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