Valentine’s Day and Schadenfreude

I swear I’m not an unfeeling monster, regardless of the implications of the title of this post.

No, I’m speaking more of the (apparent) Valentine’s Day tradition at Michigan Law for the Headnotes (our a cappella group) to offer their services to the campus for the purpose of “Valograms.” Imagine sitting in class, going through a cold call on the Dormant Commerce Clause and its applications to state regulations regarding truck length, when in bursts 15+ law students, some in capes, some in sunglasses, some with crowns, who proceed to sing a cappella renditions of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” “We Found Love” to professors and students alike (if someone else donates to the Student Funded Fellowship program).

This took up a good 15 minutes of class time today in Con Law, and, honestly, a great deal of the enjoyment to be had is watching the sheer mortification of those serenaded. The Headnotes took especial pleasure in hamming it up as much as possible, infusing their voices with desire and their eyes with delight. Both professors took it in good cheer, although they each mentioned how incredibly uncomfortable it was (my Con Law professor nervously repeated that it was “totally out of [his] comfort zone” at least three times). And therein lies the pleasure.

Oh, and Jeremy Lin continues his reign of terror. If I wasn’t so in love with Her, I might be stalking his new NY apartment right now.

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