The Interwebs Revolt!

The ongoing (and justified) internet furor over SOPA, and the decisions like that of Goldan v. Holder are exactly why I want to go into intellectual property law, and especially copyright law.

Now, I’m thinking of becoming a litigator, which means it’s far, far more likely that I’ll be on the side of those in support of SOPA and Holder than not, but the heavy-handed and largely misguided means by which two branches of government believe the internet should be regulated just demonstrates how far out of touch the current ruling generation is. The pace of innovation and creativity, and the socio-economic expectations of the internet generation have gone far beyond what the current legal system is capable of handling in terms of electronic media (indeed, media of any kind) and especially its creation and distribution. The fact that Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, Youtube, and many more of the largest, most successful, most innovative of those companies at the forefront of the new media and internet community engaged in a 24 hour blackout in protest of SOPA is testament enough to how wincingly obtuse the legislation actually is. If the SCOTUS decision had received more press, I have no doubt it would have resulted in a similar internet backlash.

I want to do more than merely seethe in my chair at how wrongfully the legislation and judiciary has chosen to express largely positive intentions. Artists and creators should absolutely have the rights to their works protected, but to do so at the expense of the freeform status of the internet and the free-flowing transfer of communication is shortsighted at best, and painfully beholden to moneyed interests at the worst. I want to be there, arguing and working for a means of respecting artists while aiding innovation and creativity. I want more.

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