My apologies for the links, but it’s become rather difficult to come up with new (even minor/shallow) topics for actual writing that aren’t completely banal and repetitive. Suffice it to say that the day-to-day grind of law school hasn’t much changed: there are still cases to be read and briefed, research to be done, and notes to be taken.

So for more interesting topics, here’s an article from the NY Times Magazine that is ostensibly about Lucas, but made me think long and hard about “emotional ownership” of intellectual property. Who owns a work of art (or, more to the point, who is more emotionally invested in that art: the maker or the audience that adores it?)?

And here is another NY Times article on just how imposing the Niners defense really is (I especially like the statement “everybody knew Ronnie Lott was going to tear your head off;” when an entire D is being compared to one of the greatest, hardest hitting defensive players of all time, it’s in good company):

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