Well, I’m back.

It’s good to be back, in a way. As much fun and as necessary and relaxing as that break was, I was ready at the end to get back to work. There’s something comforting in a regular schedule and a series of comprehensible assignments. It’s good to have a goal and a reasonable means of achieving it.

That said, I miss California, and my family, and Her, so much. Last Friday She and I went to Disneyland, where it was 70 degrees and sunny, and had an absolute blast. As interesting as Criminal Law (and perhaps Constitutional Law, depending on how the cases go) is, there’s not a lot to lead one to choose it over a beautiful, warm, sunny day in (as my sister would say) The Happiest Place on Earth with a girl who cannot help but make old and balding jokes at your expense all day.

Grades are still not out. I’m starting to get nervous about them again. And hello (perhaps) to my Contracts prof: you’re right. I AM rather neurotic and insecure, but please don’t use that against me when you’re grading my exam (I rather think you’d know it was me just by the writing style).

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