One Down

… two left to go.

The first exam of my law school career is over and done with, but not forgotten (despite a valiant effort made by nachos, fries, a glass of Piraat Ale, and a shot of whiskey). And, honestly? It was bad, but not that bad. I cannot think of any issues or doctrines I missed (though that could just be a sign of how unprepared I was), I did the best I could in the extremely limited time allotted, and now all that is left is to wait for two months to hear how I did.

The exam is designed to be so vast, to contain so many different items to identify, that it is effectively impossible to feel assured that you had gotten them all. At the bar afterward, one of my friends mentioned that the professor had done us a favor: comparing the issues one person got to the issues another person identified is essentially meaningless, as everyone who sat in on that test knew there was no way s/he could have identified them all.

Once the exam began, all the assertions by 2Ls and 3Ls really did hold true: there was no time to look back at your outline, no time to refresh yourself on a case or a legal remedy. All that could be done was type as quickly as you could (I managed about 14 total pages in two and a half hours, which I think is very, very slightly above average) and vomit onto the page everything you could possibly remember that could even tangentially be associated with the fact pattern of the question. The period just before the exam, with the tension in the room absolutely palpable (I’ve never felt a room so on edge and anxious before; it makes me glad I have chosen not to study on campus and let myself be enveloped by that atmosphere. It would have eaten me up), was far worse than the process of writing the exam itself.

And thus I’m left actually dissatisfied. Two and a half hours feels like a supremely insufficient coda to a three months in Contracts. It was by far my favorite class of the semester, and to know that I have left it all behind after a scant two hours of writing is disconcerting. I want more.

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