Fun with Case Lines: Part Ohgodmyeyesarebleeding

This is one freaking sentence:

[T]he natural and probable effect of the negligence of the contractor or manufacturer will generally be limited to the party for whom the article is constructed, or to whom it is first sold, and, perhaps more than all this, for the reason that a wise and conservative public policy has impressed the courts with the view that there must be a fixed and definite limitation to the liability of manufacturers and vendors for negligence in the construction and sale of complicated machines and structures which are to be operated or used by the intelligent and the ignorant, the skillful and the incompetent, the watchful and the careless, parties that cannot be known to the manufacturers or vendors, and who use the articles all over the country hundreds of miles distant from the place of their manufacture or original sales, a general rule has been adopted and has become established by repeated decisions of the courts of England and of this country that in these cases the liability of the contractor or manufacturer for negligence in the construction or sale of the articles which he makes or vends is limited to the persons to whom he is liable under his contracts of construction or sale.

I like that, in earlier times, the way you demonstrated your intelligence and mastery of a discipline was by going as completely over the top with it as you possibly could. Ease or clarity of reading was not an issue deemed worthy of consideration. I liken the sentence above to the embellishments and flourishes composers used to put into their musical pieces, just for the hell of it.

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