The “F It” Doctrine

F it. Just F it.

At a certain point, I just become paralyzed by self-doubt and frustration and anxiety. It happens much less that it used to, because I’m actively looking out for and trying to avoid it, but it still happens. School, work, relationships: there is nothing I will not over-analyze and thus pessimistically obsess over. Last night was one of those times, and I think that more nights like that are in the near future, as exams inexorably move closer.

So what to do? F it. There’s nothing I can do about it. I often can’t have the things I want as I want them, and the more I worry about them, the more likely I am to lose them. To a certain degree, this is a very selfish approach: I need to do what is right by me and assume that if it doesn’t work out, well, then it wasn’t meant to be and must not have been as high a priority as I had placed on it.

F it.

This new policy bears a striking resemblance to the “F Off” doctrine embodied by one of my more libertarian acquaintances here at Michigan, but obviously differs in application.

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