What You Need is A…

Brain dead and frustrated. I spent a good hour trying to parse through a UCC-heavy first case (I’m really not strong with the more economics-heavy cases), getting more and more angry and confused and despairing. I’ll admit to freaking out; the longer I took to try and make my weary way through the case, the more I was conscious of exactly how long it was taking, and the more I was growing frustrated and increasingly anxious about the difficulties I was having. This spiral of negativity was only exacerbated by an ill-advised status update request to a friend, who mentioned that the case didn’t seem all that difficult to her. I was getting to a bad place.

Enter Her. Unlike so many people in my life, She rarely puts up with my tendencies to wallow in self-pity and convince myself of the hopelessness of it all. Instead, she usually gives me what I need: a swift kick in the ass, and an admonition to stop being such a baby. It’s rough, but it gets the work done. And I’m a better person for it.

I love Her.

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