A Fool’s Errand

Is comparing yourself against other law students.

One of my friends in relayed this conversation she had with another student:

Friend (F): <working on writing assignment due the next day>

Gunner (G): Oh, hey! Working on that memo, huh?

F: Yup.

GDB: I’m glad to see that. I didn’t see you in the library at all yesterday. I just turned mine in; it took me two days to do. Why weren’t you working on yours yesterday?

F: I had other things to do…

G: Oh, yeah, I understand. My study group and I worked for hours on it, I mean, we had basically the highest grades in the class on the first memo, you know, so I was in the library all yesterday, and I saw you walking across campus.

F: Uh huh. Well, I’ve got to work on it now, so I can try and get to the Torts reading for tomorrow…

G: Oh, yeah, you gotta do what you gotta do. Looks like you’re doing what you need to do for the final, though. My study group and I don’t even read the cases for class anymore. We just take 3 practice finals every week, and go over those. We’ve been doing that since week one, and we think reading doesn’t help as much. Have you picked up any of the prof’s old exams and worked through them?

F: Uh, no…

G: Well, I’m sure your habits will work too. Good to see that you’re working hard though. Good luck!

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