Old Nerds

So on my flight back to Ann Arbor from the warm embrace of California I met evidence that no matter how old I get, I will probably never change (a fact probably sighed at by Her, as you will soon see).

After sleeping for the first half of the flight, I eventually pulled out my Kindle, and the older woman sitting next to me asked how I felt about it. Thus commenced a two hour conversation about pretty much every piece of major fantasy literature I’ve ever read, detailed and in depth and filled with amazingly nerdy references. This grandmother (who had to have been around 60), in the course of raising 6 kids, managed to read and nearly all of the great pieces of fantasy and science fiction writing of the last 40 years. Every series or book I brought up, she knew, and could recite character names and raise issues with major plot points at a whim. She even mentioned that she drew fanart and published it on the internet. The Lord of the Rings (which she referred to as the Bible), the Dune series, everything Terry Pratchett, the Ender series, the Assassin series, everything by David Eddings, A Song of Ice and Fire, the Wheel of Time series, both books of the Kingkiller Chronicle, and on and on and on.

Now I know that one does not outgrow the nerdly loves of adolescence, that even into old age, you cannot really escape. I haven’t had a chance to discuss my interests and issues with fantasy literature in such detail in years (since college, really). It was a ton of fun, and even more so when I remembered, every now and then, that I wasn’t debating with my fellow nerds from college, but with a woman on her way to Ann Arbor to visit her 5 year old grandson.

Of course, then I came home, fell asleep, then woke up and read cases for several hours. Maybe I’ll get back to reading some fantasy for fun during Thanksgiving…

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  1. kulagirl says:

    ha ha!

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