Only in Texas

Today is just a straight up transcription of a squib case:

Marshall v. Ranne 511 S.W.2d 255, 260 (Tex. 1974)

The defendant’s vicious boar bit the plaintiff while the plaintiff was walking from his house to his car. The plaintiff had often complained about the boar’s vicious condition to the defendant. An expert marksman, he also had passed up several good opportunities to shoot the boar, not wanting to do such an “unneighborly thing.” At trial the jury denied plaintiff’s recovery, first because he had been contributorily negligent in not shooting the boar when he had the chance, and second because he voluntarily assumed the risk of harm.

Emphasis mine. The supreme court of Texas reversed the decision, noting that the plaintiff was forced into an involuntary choice of two evils: either remain confined in his own home, or “take the risk of reaching his car before defendant’s hog attacked him.”

I just love the idea that getting bit by a BOAR belonging to your NEIGHBOR could be even partially your own fault because you chose not to shoot the thing.

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