Frankly, this is getting boring.

Civil Procedure, though possibly the most immediately valuable (and certainly most unfamiliar to me) class, just does not excite me in the slightest. I recognize the need for the deliberate, careful nature of the language, but the process of memorizing all of the rules and clauses and sub-clauses 1) doesn’t interest me, and 2) is not really something I’m good at. I would like to think I have a decent memory, but aside from knowing what a 12(b)(6) is, and what Rule 11 generally concerns, and what Rule 26 is about (only because that’s what I just finished reading), but I am likely to be completely screwed come finals time.

At some point I need to sit down with my “much-beloved”book and just run through every single one of them, committing them to memory and thinking very thoughtfully and honestly about why they were written and all the possible applications and situations they could be employed in (There’s a mental image of angel and devil versions of my CivPro professor on each of my shoulders, exhorting me to do exactly what I just wrote). But honestly, the thought of even attempting that makes me want to turn on my computer and watch a replay of a Niner game from the Singletary era, because even that would be less tedious and painful than really devoting myself to Civil Procedure.

I’m sure that I’m doing myself a disservice by not availing myself of every opportunity I have here to become a better, more thoughtful, more prepared lawyer, and knowing the Rules by heart would probably go a long way in producing exactly that kind of professional, but all I want out of this class is the grade. My problem is obviously that I’ve gotta figure out a means of making this subject interesting, or even the grade will be beyond my grasp.


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