As of now, it’s gorgeous here.

The weather the past week has been sunny and as warm as 80 degrees. Not all that unusual for San Jose in October, but downright bizarre (I think?) for Michigan. Running is a lot more fun when you have unexpectedly beautiful weather, and the views I’ve been getting have put it all over the top.

Frankly, you just don’t get the colors of Fall on the West Coast like you see on the East (or even the Great Lakes area). Every day on my bus ride home or my run in the afternoon, I see such brilliant yellows and reds that it takes my breath away. It’s so easy to keep your eyes on the ground level, and see nothing but dead leaves in your field of vision. For some reason, the colors on display become so commonplace so quickly, so simply yet another part of an easily-ignored background. Actually looking up and around takes conscious effort. So much of the rest of the world just pales in importance to the assignment you have to complete right now, or the family problem you have that never quite recedes to the back of your mind.

And yet it is stunning. The sight of a tree, shrouded in maize (I’m learning my Michigan colors well), almost glowing in the sunlight, is enough to make me forget about Contracts entirely for a moment. I can hear Her in my mind, laughing at me and slyly asking what color I actually see when I look at such a tree, and it makes me smile.

Life is good.

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