It doesn’t take much to get a law student to agree to a beer after class, especially after a professor reverses his plans to have two classes in the same day. The social aspect is getting easier, and my colleagues are telling me that I don’t sound quite as much of a fool to them as I do in my own head (though I suppose they could very well be lying to me to make me feel better, or were just drunk). So things are looking up.

And the best part? Even after enjoying myself with my fellow students, I am more convinced than ever that I am utterly, completely, head over heels in love. I think about Her all the time, and I miss her like crazy. But on days like today, I don’t feel sad, or lonely, or melancholy that I am not with her. I feel excited and lucky and happy that I even get a chance at a love and a relationship like this. I cannot wait to see Her again, and just thinking about her makes me smile.

I’m so fortunate it almost makes me feel guilty.

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