Idiocy Works, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Looking Like a Fool

Holy sh!tballs.

This is something I would normally keep pretty close to the vest, in line with my long-standing policy of never communicating the good things that happen to me in fear of looking like an arrogant ass. But I’m trying to improve my self-confidence, and I think sharing things like this is important for that. So here we go.

On my way out of Torts today, my professor caught up with me and made a point of shaking my hand. He asked what I had been doing before law school, then told me he really appreciated what I had to say in class when I speak up. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I’ve made an impression. When I told him about my teaching background, he said I had real talent, had good ideas, and am able to communicate them in a very clear, understandable fashion. Then he told me to keep it up, and walked off.

This from a man who is apparently good friends with President Obama. I’m still absolutely convinced that everything I say in class makes me look like a complete moron, but now I’m going to work even harder to keep doing it.

I’m still in shock over the entire episode.

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