Words with Friends

I was always terrible at Scrabble, despite most people who knew me believing I’d be amazing. The thing about these games, though, is your vocabulary matters so much less than your sense of spatial relationships. Knowing all the weird little 2 letter words is more important than being able to come up with 15 synonyms for “beautiful”. And I never had the patience or the time to sit there and play a ton of Scrabble games in order to pick all of that strategy up.

Now, I’m playing 6 different Words with Friends games at the same time. It’s starting to impact my study habits, but I love the feeling of laying down two tiles and scoring 45 points. My highest point total thus far is 78 on a single word, but I’ve had 100+ words dropped on me on more than one occasion. Now, if I could only get Her to start playing with me again…

PS: The 10 Best Amazon Reviews by some guy.

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