Oh, Come on Now…


This is the only defense left for those of this position. Public opinion has swung mightily for assertion and enforcement of equal rights when it comes to marriage and acceptance of LGBT individuals and communities, and the accusations and blind righteous fury of those holding onto archaic remnants of ancient prejudice can only become increasingly more bizarre and unrealistic.

No proof? Really? Gay men have gotten married, and the institution of marriage has remained unchanged, unmarred. Lesbians have raised children, and the fabric of society has stubbornly refused to split asunder. Homosexual characters and relationships are all over television, and somehow the percentage of gay individuals in this country has remained the same, despite assurances that our children are at risk.

What else is there left but to go blindly ahead, increasingly deranged, and ignore the reality rising up all around you? What choice do they have but to stick their heads in their religious sand, and hope that it’s all just a dream? Wake up. You’re not relevant anymore.

If I ever get the chance, I look forward to completely crushing you in court.

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