This will undoubtedly come back to bite me in the ass (especially as I’m making this statement exactly 1.5 weeks into my first term of my first year), but thus far…

This doesn’t seem that hard.

Oh, the workload is intense, but mostly because I’m making it intense. Briefing every major case and making a note (thank you for making me feel lazy and inferior, little brother) takes time, but isn’t that mentally strenuous.

And there are many people smarter than me in all of my classes, but that was to be expected, as was the fact that they fairly regularly come up with interpretations of/perspectives on cases I had not considered. If I had the ability to read that far ahead for every case I encountered for the first time, I would not have needed to come to school.

But I haven’t really had anything that has truly defied credulity for me. That’s undoubtedly due to the skill of my professors, but I can reasonably quickly get to the main crux of any case or class discussion on my own, and generate my own personal argument for/against it in relatively short order.

Obviously, we’ve just covered a general overview of things, and rules and standards will clearly get more arcane and archaic as the year moves along, but I’m feeling fairly good about myself right now. I need to do a lot of familiarization with legal terms that I have no current experience with, but that will come with time.

Just call me Oedipus, I suppose. Pre-Oracle meeting Oedipus, obviously. I have yet to kill my father and mate with my mother, as far as I know.

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One Response to Hubris

  1. kulagirl says:

    I told you I thought you would do well in law school….

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