Aaaaannnnnd… DONE!

With week number 1. Only 3 more years to go.

Not too bad thus far. I’m pretty sure I’ve made a complete fool of myself intellectually and socially in front of my colleagues on more than one occasion, but as mentioned before, I don’t really care (well, ok, I DO kinda care, just not as much as I used to).

Early reviews:

Favorite Prof: Difficult choice to make, as the three for the major classes this term (Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure) are all excellent, but Prof. Pottow for Contracts is absolutely hilarious and brilliant, and makes a dry, difficult, arcane subject a ton of fun in class. I’m worried I pissed him off by asking a clarification question today in class and inadvertently made it seem like I was correcting him, but hopefully he’s quick to forgive.

Favorite Class: Still Contracts, and it’s a good thing, too, as my attorney auntie mentioned that Contracts has remained the most relevant and useful to her throughout her career in Intellectual Property.

Best moment: Tied between Professor Pottow outright stating (as part of his introduction to the class!) that the only reason his office door might be closed without an answer would be the unlikely possibility that he’s having sexual relations behind it and Professor Niehoff (for CivPro) taking off his jacket on the third day and revealing a tight black polo that did little to disguise the fact that he’s cut in a way that makes me feel like less of a man.

Anyway, huzzah for the weekend and the start of the race to the bottom for the Niners. Let the Andrew Luck sweepstakes begin!

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