No Fear

Aside from being the sartorial signifier of my adolescence, I’m shocked to find it’s also the way I rather feel in class: I’m just not as scared of things academic as I used to be.

That may be because of my own teaching experience, or it may be the fact that I’m turning 30(!) in roughly 4 months, but cold calls (which I haven’t experienced yet), speaking up in class, asking questions; none of that frightens or worries me, or even makes me apprehensive. I’ve spoken up, voluntarily, in every single class I’ve taken thus far (not every single session, obviously), and while I’m sure several of my queries/responses have made me sound like an idiot, I don’t really care. I have things I need to know, and if asking the professor is the only way to know them, well, I’m going to ask the professor, regardless of how it makes me look to my colleagues.

That’s obviously not to say I’m going to be an ass about it all, but I have no compunction about possibly looking stupid because of a basic question, misunderstanding, or lack of knowledge. It’s strangely freeing.

That aside, finished my first of many brutal Wednesdays (all four of my classes meet on this one day), but the drudgery was leavened somewhat by the opening of the new Student Commons in between Hutchins Hall (where most of classes meet) and Legal Research (where the library, Reading Room, and a bunch of offices are), and it’s amazing. It’s, uh, really, really nice to be going to a school with a lot of money. I’ve found my new study spot.

Reading Contracts is insanely boring, but the prof is fascinating in a way that reminds me somewhat of Professor Frink, so classes will be fun, even if the reading isn’t. He also promised various people in the class that he could 100% guarantee they would love it. So there it is.


I miss Her like crazy.

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