Some quick notes on Day 1:

1. I should apparently have shown up earlier than 10 minutes before the first class started, because by the time I got there, only the very back row was free.

2. Pretty basic stuff so far. The reading load is intense (mostly due to the necessity of taking notes on everything), but by and large simple to follow. Classes didn’t really address anything I didn’t feel prepared for.

3. I worry that I may already have earned myself an undeserved reputation as a gunner by voluntarily raising my hand to answer a question (and ask one of my own) on the very first day.

4. A teacher’s impression of other teachers: they’re all very good at what they do. Good rapport with students and with the material (obviously), and they make what are obviously well-learned/habitual speeches feel off-the-cuff and immediately relevant. They engage student questions and answers well, integrating slightly tangential responses back into the main topic of discussion.

Clark, my Torts professor, particularly made me feel ashamed as a former educator by knowing his students’ names before class started. Michigan provides a facebook to the professors, and this motherf’er apparently decided to memorize all of them, and then demonstrated his proficiency by naming (correctly) every student who spoke up in class. Including myself, when I asked my question. I’ve never met the man in my life. In talking about it later with one of my section mates, we decided that if his purpose was to completely dominate and awe his students, he succeeded with flying colors. Consider me well and truly convinced of my amateurism in teaching.

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