I shoveled shit today.

I wish I were using that as some cute metaphor for the rigors/requirements of a law student’s life, but sadly, no.

I actually shoveled shit today.

Our regularly scheduled orientation program took a day long break for a 1L class-wide Service Day. My section was sent out to Dawn Farm, a organic farm for recovering substance abusers. Other sections got to play with children, or box foodstuffs for soup kitchens, or paint the inside of a building. My group? Picking vegetables and weeding were the easy jobs. For idiot volunteers like myself, well, there were pig barns to be cleaned and chicken coops to be mucked out.

So I spent the majority of my day in 92 degree weather (I laugh, laugh at those who say Michigan summers are nice and cool), raking and shoveling and scraping straw and caked-on pig droppings out of a small, not well-ventilated barn, next to two recovering heroin addicts and a cocaine addict. And while it was sobering to hear their stories (one was a 21 year old kid who had already spent a year and a half in prison, and had been in and out of 8 different treatment centers), well, I went into academia for a reason. And no, said reason was not the second job I did today: grading a number of hills and hollows to make them ready for grass seed.

Consider my eyes well and truly opened, Michigan Law. You have made your point, and made it well. Ungrateful as I am, I’m sure two months from now I’ll be cursing my life and wishing I could be working outside, but as for now, the school work load doesn’t seem so bad.

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