I really don’t know how well I fit in here. The first official day of orientation really just confirmed for me how “untraditional” a student I am. I’m older than everyone else in my section, by 7 years for most of them. There’s a student with a kid already; I’m still older than him.

While I feel nervous about the academic workload, I am downright terrified of the social workload. I’m nearly always feeling awkward and out of place in social settings, but that sense is amplified to the utmost here, and it’s only exacerbated by the oft-repeated mantra, both on campus and off, to “make friends, make friends, make friends.”

Well, I’m not all that good at making friends. I know this is something that I can work on as hard as I will work on learning black letter law and legal writing strategies, but to be honest, I’m freaking out and classes haven’t even started yet. I really do not function well in college bar settings…

Tomorrow is a service day. I’ll be spending all day with my section weeding and planting in a working farm for substance abusers. Maybe that will go better… yeah, right…

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