Oh no, not again…

Just had a flashback to a high school memory I don’t exactly cherish.

I went for what was supposed to be a nice, easy run today, doing the reverse circuit of the loop I had tried for the first time yesterday. Everything was going swimmingly until 22 minutes in, when I finally recognized I wasn’t on the road I should have been on for the past mile or so.

I instantly thought back to high school, and a certain running trail through the mountains that was my first real training experience with the varsity team. I fell behind (naturally), and since A) I had never been there before, and B) I have a horrible, horrible sense of direction anyways, I promptly got lost. What followed was an additional 30 to 45 minutes of running through the forest, taking turns at what was essentially random, until I found a road and used one of those yellow emergency roadside assistance telephones, at which I sat until my furious cross country coach pulled up beside me in his car. The team nicknamed me “Boy from the Forest,” and gifted me with my very own set of road maps at the end-of–the-year awards dinner.

So I was immediately expecting the worst while I was running around in a new area in a new city in a new state. Fortunately, after 5 minutes or so, I realized I was on the same road my bus from school takes every day, which meant that although I’d be doing roughly 1.5 times the distance I had originally planned, at least I knew how to get home. I guess being 29 can mean being more experienced, instead of being on the brink of mental degradation…

I also had lunch with an old work friend, who just transferred into Michigan as a 2L, and got to talk to a couple of his 2L transfer friends, all of whom just went through OCIs, and it was good to get to talk to some people who have been there before. Interestingly, much of the advice they gave was the same, content-wise, as what I had described as “pablum” from the panels the day before. So I am now filled to the brim with reassurances to relax and refrain from stressing out. No more room, thanks.

PS: More importantly, happy birthday to the Girl of My Dreams.

PPS: Forgot: wandered around the library a bit, and the Reading Room is just as impressive and stately as it looks in pictures: http://www.pitchengine.com/brands/lordaecksargent/images/6178/12884before.JPG

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