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Musical Geekery The above is impressive not only for his talent, but for what looks to be a collage of cultural and literary critical theory on his wall. Beat-boxing, with a cello, before a photo entitled “The Other” is right up … Continue reading

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RE: Geekery

So I’m trying to decide why I actually like watching things like the link below or the production documentaries for the LOTR series more than the movies itself, and I think it’s because, like all geeks, I’m desperate for affirmation. … Continue reading

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/trying to stop hyperventilating:

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This is What the Trees in my Personal Hell Look Like

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New Gods

The extended interview of Mike Huckabee on the Daily Show last night has a great deal to unpack, which I’d like to do eventually in its entirety, but my initial question is one I’ve held for some time: So why … Continue reading

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The Library…

I’ve always wanted.

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American Knowledge

Is still rather distressingly poor when it comes to our own system of government and finance: Intelligence tests as a prerequisite of suffrage are reprehensible in many ways, but one has to wonder if democracy (or the democratic republic … Continue reading

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