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Go Wolverines?

It’s decided. I’m going to Michigan. I’m really excited about this; it feels like a good fit. I’ve been leaning towards UM for nearly a month now, partially because they’ve been so persistent in assuring me it’s the right place, … Continue reading

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That shuts me up: God seems to believe in keeping it real.  He wants us to face challenges that are bigger than anything we know, more complicated than we can figure out, and so dangerous and all encompassing that we … Continue reading

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RE: Clarity

A response by Andrew Sullivan to the David Brooks piece actually resonates in some ways with my own views, I think.

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As always, what follows is an attempt to make logical sense of something I rather strongly suspect is fundamentally illogical (not necessarily in a bad way). I had an interesting conversation a couple nights ago that put a number of … Continue reading

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Two Things

Which I found interesting today: An ER doc’s blog post on why the push towards consumer-driven market principles for health care doesn’t work: And a David Brooks piece ostensibly about The Book of Mormon (which I really, really want … Continue reading

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More Intermingling

Yo Yo Ma and Lil Buck:

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Who doesn’t love Arrested Development? And here is underwear for the inner Tobias in all of us:

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