Questions for which I don’t have answers

Is a regular consumer of contemporary news, blogs, and political media more likely to feel optimistically or pessimistically about the world and its inhabitants?

Sub-question: Is the news media’s (somewhat understandable) insistence on those stories which are divisive or outrageous (or presentation of stories AS divisive or outrageous) producing a more informed citizenry, or a more enraged citizenry? Is the statement that “ignorance is bliss” even more applicable today than ever before?

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1 Response to Questions for which I don’t have answers

  1. UT says:

    Methinks neither. My guess is that in this age of increasingly polarized media reflects a public which was always polarized. I doubt the public is better informed. I think they just have more ammunition to support their polarized views. My guess is that they aren’t more enraged either, that their rage was always there, but lacked an outlet.

    I tend to think that people haven’t really changed much since the dawn of (human) time. The human condition is still the human condition. Technology certainly has changed how we communicate, learn, access information, etc, but human nature is still human nature. In support of this premise, I cite all those spiffy quotes one sees about the current state of one’s country and its politics, with the punchline of “Who said this? [Fill in favorite ancient, usually Greek, scholar].”

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