Go Wolverines?

It’s decided. I’m going to Michigan.

I’m really excited about this; it feels like a good fit. I’ve been leaning towards UM for nearly a month now, partially because they’ve been so persistent in assuring me it’s the right place, and partially because there’s a shallow part of me that desperately wanted to go to the highest ranked school I could. I made a choice more than a decade ago to attend a slightly more financially-responsible institution for undergrad, and have been wondering ever since if I had locked myself into a path I would not be able to overcome. I feel (slightly shamefacedly) like I need to prove to others and to myself that I’m still capable of attending and excelling at a top tier school. Michigan affords me that chance.

I may be hamstringing myself yet again by not choosing to go to a California school (given that I almost certainly want to come back and practice in California), but once again, I don’t care. Michigan is going to be a challenge, a challenge I’m looking forward to. Wish me luck.

Oh, and my apologies to TC the Cat for attending the same institution that once housed the likes of Jim Harbaugh, the Fab Five, Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, and the immortal Elvis Grbac.

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3 Responses to Go Wolverines?

  1. UT says:

    Congratulations Michael! I may have to change my opinion of UM…

    Then again, maybe not. As we’ve discussed before, what’s there to life, more specifically — fan-dom, if one can’t be a hater for a few completely irrational, unfounded, frivolous reasons?

    Again, congratulations — I know you’ll do great.

  2. It could be worse. I could be going to Duke.

  3. kulagirl says:

    Congratulations! I’m very proud of you!

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