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A blog post from a Syrian woman whose father is incredible: And a supposedly passive-aggressive, infuriating article from someone:

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Shouts and Murmurs

From this weeks’ New Yorker. This is goddamn brilliant (to literary nerds):

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Tina Fey at Google

This is both really interesting and pretty awkward:

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Questions for which I don’t have answers

Is a regular consumer of contemporary news, blogs, and political media more likely to feel optimistically or pessimistically about the world and its inhabitants? Sub-question: Is the news media’s (somewhat understandable) insistence on those stories which are divisive or outrageous … Continue reading

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Indeed. What was lost in the “Change” and “Hope” hype was that Obama campaigned on a remarkably centrist platform. That doesn’t always win him points with the crazy liberals like myself (DOMA needs to end NOW), but the caricature portrayed … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality

You start to see stories like this more often these days. The impersonality of the Internet is most commonly reviewed when it appears in the form of invective and vitriol spewed by safely anonymous commenters, but this is the kind … Continue reading

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Go Wolverines?

It’s decided. I’m going to Michigan. I’m really excited about this; it feels like a good fit. I’ve been leaning towards UM for nearly a month now, partially because they’ve been so persistent in assuring me it’s the right place, … Continue reading

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That shuts me up: God seems to believe in keeping it real.  He wants us to face challenges that are bigger than anything we know, more complicated than we can figure out, and so dangerous and all encompassing that we … Continue reading

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RE: Clarity

A response by Andrew Sullivan to the David Brooks piece actually resonates in some ways with my own views, I think.

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