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One of my favorite books is Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, a biographical account of his absolute, all-consuming obsession with Arsenal, the English Premier League club. It’s one of the better insights into what it truly means to be a nerd … Continue reading

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How to Teach the SAT to Cupertino-Area High School Students

Teacher: <Enter classroom> Teacher: <Smile half-heartedly> Teacher: Brief Greeting (Pathetically Desperate Attempt to Seem Young and Cool and Approachable) Student: <Blank Stare> OR Non-Committal Sigh

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I feel like I know a surprising number of people who will find parts of this rather telling: ´╗┐

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So let’s say that you are one of the people who aren’t certain. You go through your life carefully and surreptitiously, never overstepping for fear of making a mistake due to your lack of firm, comprehensive knowledge. Perhaps you make … Continue reading

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I’m a nerd. Always have been, and thus far it appears I always will be, but perhaps not for the reasons one normally holds forth. My sister believes that what really defines nerddom is not what you are interested in, … Continue reading

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Internet Empathy

David Brooks’ most recent blog post expands upon the decline in what I’m going to call testable empathy in this generation as compared to those previous. There is a degree of slippage in exactly which generation he’s referring to, as … Continue reading

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The Absence of Certainty

So. I’ve long been, if not obsessed, intrigued with the conception of certainty. At this very moment, billions of people across the globe are absolutely certain of trillions of ideas, utterly convinced that they are right, that this or these … Continue reading

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